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    * Comprehensive patient management
    * Invoicing, Payments, Expenses, Accounts Receivable
    * Efficient appointment scheduling
    * Paperless examination charting
    * Inventory Management
    * Purchase Orders and Inventory Reconciliation
    * Email Appointment Reminders and Patient follow-up management
    * Order Tracking
    * Track insurance billing
    * Extensive reporting
    * Patient and Doctor correspondence tools
    * Email patients, doctors, invoices, etc
    * Multi-user and multi-practitioner environment
    * Export patient data for use in other applications
    * Integrate financial data with accounting apps
    * Built-in backup and restore

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    Pricing Info

    The CEIS software is available both with and without paperless examination charting. Every version includes a one year subscription to the software support and update plan. While on the plan, product support and all new updates, including new versions, are free. Continuing on the support and update plan is optional and is billed annually. Contact us for more information or to actually see the software in action via a free online demonstration.

  • Software

    * CEIS Software + Paperless Charting $999.98

    * CEIS Software (no charting) $499.99


  • Support

    * Optional Annual Support and Update plan $125

    * Data Clean Up/Conversion $100 / hr