Custom Applications

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    Implementing a custom software or web based solution means that the system stores all the data that is important to you. The screens will look the way you want and the reports will give the information that you require. Most importantly the computer will work the way YOU want it to.

    Our goal is to assist with your transition to an automated system from a paper or inadequate computer system. We work as interpreters between you and your computer. We ensure that we understand your business, the information that you track and the processes that you follow. Then we design and develop software that works that way.

Legacy Conversion

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    Many businesses already have an existing software packages that are starting to show their age. As time goes by it can become a challenge to continue to use the system. Often the existing system cannot handle changes to the business, such as adding additional store or office locations. Sometimes the systems are no longer compatible with current technology, will not allow multiple users or are not accessible from anywhere.

    When it comes time to upgrade to a new package Competitive Edge Information Systems can help. We can design a new applications that will eliminate these restrictions and then import your existing data. You can have all the advantages of a new software system, with the additional benefit of having all of your existing information.

Data Management

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    An off-site database means that you have access to experienced personnel and the latest technology without the overhead costs. Our staff handles your need for systems analysts, network administrators and data entry clerks. Reports and detailed information are available on demand to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Warranty card programs or marketing surveys are examples of systems that are prime candidates for off-site management, with our staff handling everything from the data-entry to the fulfillment.